“I love Marshalltown. I was born here and it will always be home to me. I want it to prosper and grow. It should never be the same. My goal for the Foundation is that it will help Marshalltown after I'm gone."
- Martha-Ellen Tye, 1984


Martha-Ellen Tye was devoted to her hometown of Marshalltown, Iowa. Though she traveled often to satisfy her interests in opera and other fine arts, Marshalltown was her favorite place to be. This is where she satisfied two other lifelong passions – community theater and philanthropic giving. In 1976 she created the Martha-Ellen Tye Foundation with the intent that her beloved hometown would benefit from this community resource throughout her life and well beyond.

The mission of the Martha-Ellen Tye Foundation is to perpetuate the generosity and giving philosophy of its founder by providing support for and working with programs, projects, and organizations that are striving to make a better life for the people of Marshalltown, Iowa and San Antonio, Texas, and their surrounding areas. To learn more about the Foundation's fields of interest please click here.

16 East Main Street, Suite 260 • Marshalltown, Iowa 50158 • (641) 752-8340
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