Martha-Ellen Tye Foundation Background

Martha-Ellen Tye established the Foundation in 1976. From the beginning, the Foundation became the base of Martha-Ellen's on-going, very personal approach to philanthropy. Her generosity was available to almost any good cause, and the annual list of recipient organizations and projects reflected this very broad-based personal philanthropy. Favorite areas of giving were education, theater, music and libraries.

Shortly before her death in 1998, Martha-Ellen instructed that the Foundation should become a professionally managed operation with the major emphasis on helping Marshalltown and the surrounding area continue to grow and prosper.

Since that time the Foundation has initiated the Marshall County Arts and Culture Alliance and the Marshalltown Education Partnership. The Foundation helped to bring the Non-Profit Management Academy to the area and facilitated the origin of the Community Foundation of Marshall County. Most recently the Foundation initiated a youth philanthropy program at Marshalltown High School. For information about STEP (Students Teaching and Empowering Philanthropy), click here.

The board now consists of eleven members: six are family members and five are from the Marshalltown community. The complete board meets twice a year in Marshalltown and individual board committees meet up to four times a year.

Board of Directors
Matt Fisher, family member - President
David Tank, family member - Vice-President
Joel Greer, community member - Secretary/Treasurer
Terry Buzbee, community member
Jim Lowrance, community member
Nate McCormick, community member
Kara O'Toole, family member
Nick O'Toole, family member
Kim Schryver, community member
Steven Tye, family member

Russ Fisher, Emeritus
John Hermanson, Emeritus
Maureen Lyons, Emeritus
Betsy Macke, Emeritus
Loras Neuroth, Emeritus
Denny O’Toole, Emeritus
Tom O’Toole (1938-2016), Emeritus
Rex Ryden (1930-2017), Emeritus
Bill Tank (1928-2008), Emeritus
Joe B. Tye, Jr. (1926-2015), Emeritus
Deb Vogeler, Emeritus

Karn Gregoire, Executive Director
Heidi Pierson Dalal, Manager of Community & Grantee Relations

Mission Statement
The mission of the Martha-Ellen Tye Foundation is to perpetuate the generosity and giving philosophy of Martha-Ellen Tye by providing support for and working with programs, projects, and organizations that are striving to make a better life for the people of Marshalltown, Iowa, and San Antonio, Texas, and their surrounding areas.

The Martha-Ellen Tye Foundation particularly seeks to address the educational, artistic, cultural, youth, and human services needs of communities in these geographic areas, and prefers to support initiatives that enable recipient organizations to build their own capacities to produce significant, measurable change.

Fields of Interest
Arts and Culture
Human Services
Community Betterment

Assets for 2017
$28.2 million

Total Gifts in 2017
Iowa $947,385
Texas $123,000
National $63,180

Click here to view our most recent grants list.

“I love Marshalltown. I was born here and it will always be home to me.”
- Martha-Ellen Tye, 1984

 Martha-Ellen Tye (right) participating in an art-related planning meeting.
Martha-Ellen Tye (right) participating in an art-related planning meeting.
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